About Us


To thread words of inspiration and encouragement, through a line of women's clothing that is of exceptional quality and beauty. Designed to lift the spirits of all who wear them as well as those who see them.

Our goal is to make a difference one life at a time. Love.  



Michele Conti is the founder, owner, and designer of Inspiretees, a faith-based brand designed to
spread love, peace, hope, and joy to the world. Since 2008, Michele’s passion for helping people,
combined with her inspirational designs, on top-quality T-shirts, threaded with love, has been
lifting spirits and encouraging people to fulfill their God-given destinies.

Michele is an accomplished seamstress who has won many awards in tailoring and design. For
several years, she worked in fashion retail management, and fashion trade shows, from New
York to LA, and showrooms in New York City's renowned garment district.

Michele then returned to her hometown of New Castle, PA, where she began a career in public
relations and marketing in the women’s consumer goods and fitness industry. For 22 years, she
worked directly with Leslie Sansone, who developed America’s number-one fitness walking
program, dealing in sales, web development, e-commerce, video production, event coordination,
and direct response promotions.

Michele found this work quite fulfilling, not only because it allowed her to use the skills that she
had sharpened over the years, but also because it gave her the chance to help people to become
their best – and healthiest – selves, which is an important part of her life’s work.

Then, one day, an even bigger inspiration struck. While attending a church service, she was
listening to her pastor, as he referred to a verse about love (John 13:34), and she immediately
drew her first Inspiretees “Love” shirt on the back of the church bulletin.

That design, along with six other shirts based on scripture, birthed the company. Since then, she
has made hundreds of designs of all kinds. Over the past 11 years, Inspiretees has managed
scores of retail accounts, and has become a favorite at direct-to-consumer events and exhibitor
shows, and has been the official shirt of the Miss United States pageant, worn on their runway
for several consecutive years.

Inspiretees is Michele’s passion. Through many difficult times, Michele has stuck to her mission,
with help from her mother, who works with her daily. Michele now employs women in recovery
at Inspiretees, and has found it to be the greatest blessing of her life. She also monetarily
supports non-profits that are dedicated to winning the war against abuse and addiction. Michele
fervently believes in changing lives, one at a time.

Can a shirt make a difference? YES –especially when it’s threaded with love!